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Would you prefer we just hire unqualified people just

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Unformatted text preview: hey will run our company into the ground…” “You say you don’t want to invest more in You advertising our job openings? Would you prefer we just hire unqualified people?” just “We either dig deeper into the oil sands or we will be We selling ourselves to the Saudis…” Wishful Thinking Wishful Making the faulty Making assumption that because we wish X were true or false, then X is indeed true or false. true “We have one of the best employee assistance We programs in the country!” programs “Our performance appraisal system is entirely Our fair. I know its been a very accurate judge of my abilities so far.” my “We didn’t fire him. He agreed to resign for We personal reasons.” personal Explaining by Naming Explaining Falsely assuming that Falsely because you have provided a name for some event or behavior that you have also adequately explained the event. “Why is it so hard to get motivated Why employees? Because they are unreliable.” employees? “It’s obviou...
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