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Also remember that all information is stored on

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Unformatted text preview: ty. All exercises, quizzes, writing assignments, and online interactions over the TOWER system will be saved and stored. All information will be kept for educational and general academic research. Any research or data sharing with other researchers will involve de-identifying the data, including the removal of names, UTEIDs, email addresses, or other information. To further ensure that your information is secure, please do not include identifying information in your online interactions with others. Also, remember that all information is stored on secure UT-Austin computer servers. In online interactions with others, remember that the instructors and TAs will have access to all information. COURSE EVALUATION There will be three writing assignments (each worth 100 points), thirteen weekly quizzes (your best ten count, with each being worth 15 points), and at least 15 or so in- class exercises/online simulations (your best ten count, each worth five points) that will determine your grade. There are thus 500 total points available in the class. EVALUATION ITEM POINTS DUE DATE Writing Assignments Paper 1 (3- 5 pages) 100 points To be determined Paper 2 (3- 5 pages) 100 points To be determined Paper 3 (3- 5 pages) 100 points To be determined Quizzes 15 questions/15 minutes (10 best grades count 150 points Each Monday, beginning of class out of 13 total/Each quiz worth 15 points) Class Exercises/Online Simulations/Surveys (10 best grades count/Each worth 5 points) 50 points To be determined TOTAL 500 points Students will need to turn in all three assigned essays and complete at least ten quizzes to receive credit for the course. This point is critical: Even if you have enough points for, say, a C in the course, you need to complete these required assignments to pass. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade. Writing Assignments The writing assignments consist of three, 3- 5 page essays responding to specific questions about topics covered in class and in the readings. Your essays should be 10- to 12- point font, 1.5 inch spacing between lines, and 1 to 1.5 inch margins. They must be either Word Documents or PDFs—we will not accept any other format. You should submit your essay online by 8:00 AM on the assigned date. Information regarding the submission process will be provided at a later date. Due dates associated with your...
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