Incomplete grades are highly discouraged and will

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Unformatted text preview: Out- of- class exercises will include online simulations corresponding to the textbook. Right now, we believe we will have approximately seven simulations, three or four inclass exercises, and perhaps five surveys. This would give the students between 15-16 chances to participate. We will use the 10 highest participation scores for purposes of calculating total points. Attendance and engagement is the main criteria here (as Woody Allen said, 90 percent of life is showing up), and students who participate will more than likely receive full credit. Overall grades will be based upon a curve. The highest point total achieved in the class will be used as the 100% score, and all other scores will be recalculated as a percentage of that total. For example, if the high score is 480 points and you have a total of 445, your “curved” score/percentage would be 445/480 or 92.7%. This would be an A- (note that we do not round up—as a general practice, we do NOT round up when calculating a grade). The “curved” grading scale is as follows: 93%- 100% A 90- 92% A- 87%- 89% B+ 83%- 86% B 80%- 82% B- 77%- 79% C+ 73%- 76% C 70%- 72% C- 67%- 69% D+ 63%- 66% D 60%- 62% D- 0%- 59% F. There is no final exam associated with this class. Final grades will be posted 48 hours prior to the official deadline from the College of Liberal Arts. Once again, students will need to turn in all three assigned essays, and complete at least ten quizzes to receive credit for the course. Incomplete grades are highly discouraged and will only be given in the direst of circumstances. COURSE MATERIALS A hard copy of the required textbook is available at the University of Texas Coop: • Kenneth Kollman. 2013. “The American Political System” (second full edition, with policy chapters). Norton Publishing. As a lower- cost alternative to purchasing a hard copy of the textbook, students also have two options for purchasing access to electronic copies of the textbook: • Downloadable electronic copy of the textbook, readable with Free Adobe Digital Editions Software. Students have unlimited access to the text. • E- book format of the textbook, readable on the Norton website. Access can be purchased for either 180 days or 360 days. Both electronic versions can be purchased on the...
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