You are expected to attend class by logging into the

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Unformatted text preview: es of the discipline. COURSE FORMAT This is the digital version of the American Government course—unlike almost all other courses offered at the University of Texas, more often than not you will be viewing this class online (from the comfort of your own home, library, or coffee joint) rather than in-person. Though delivered via the internet, this course takes place at the official times described in the course schedule: 8:30 – 10 AM Mondays and Wednesdays. You are expected to “attend” class by logging into the course site by 8:30 AM on Monday and Wednesday to watch the real-time video stream of our lectures and participate in class activities. It is very important that you treat logging into the course website the way you would treat attending a traditional course held in a classroom. You will have the opportunity to pose questions online in real-time, and we will endeavor to respond as best we can. The lectures will have a small (20-30 person) studio audience, and opportunities to view the class in-person on a given day will be offered. Before beginning, there are a few important information items to cover. • Finding the class website. To get to everything associated with the class, simply go to: https://utexas.instructure.com/courses/1075451 You can enter directly from the internet or through Canvas (https://utexas.instructure.com/). To log in to Canvas and the class website, you will need your UTEID and password. Once you reach the class website, you can navigate your way to other areas. Some of the most important include: 1. Homepage – The homepage will have links to the Course Syllabus, the technical requirements and test stream webpage, the live video stream of the lectures, information regarding technical questions, as well as contact information for the instructors and teaching assistants. On the left-hand side of each page of the Canvas course site are navigation tabs to all parts of the website, including the Syllabus. 2. Dashboard – The Dashboard is the page on which you will find the video stream for the course. The Dashboard will also display the outline for the current lecture, links to live quizzes, and other participation activities. 3. Modules – The Modules page includes links to the daily Reading Assignments, Writing Assignments, Lecture Video archives, and other course documents. The Reading Assignments Module contains links to the Reading Assignments for each lecture. Every lecture has required readings, mostly from the required text. To find the reading assignment for a particular lecture, simply click on the link for that lecture in the Reading Assignments module. Note that the readings and links may change up to about a week before the listed date. Due dates for the reading assignments can also be accessed via the Calendar feature. 4. Other pages – On the right-hand side of the homepage or the Pages tab, you will find a listing of other important course pages, including the FAQ page, and information regarding the writing assignments will be posted as the semester progre...
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