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Melissa Fattorusso In Raymond Carver's story "Cathedral" the reader witnesses a first person point of view. The nameless narrator in this story is an insensitive and insecure man whose words show his lack in emotional contact with his wife. The narrator's wife has experienced much peril in life prior to meeting her husband. She has been through a suicide attempt, a divorce, and a consistent change of homes. The wife has developed and maintained a special friendship with an old blind co-worker of hers, Robert. Robert is a man who has always been there to help the narrator's wife, keeping their friendship strong by sending tapes back and fourth telling of the current news in their lives. Robert although blind, has never let that impair the quality of his life. He is a man who is kind, open minded, trustworthy, and loving. Robert's wife had just passed away, so he went to stay with the narrrator and his wife for a comforting visit. Robert in the beginning of the story has a prejudice for the blind man because of his "disability".
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