Cha 7 - Recognizing and rewarding

The wealth 203 implementafon problems summarized in

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Unformatted text preview: aviours •  •  •  •  Pay ­for ­performance •  Helping employees see the link between their efforts, performance and rewards (line of sight) •  DisFnguishing top from average performers –  ACS example and “sharing the wealth” [203] –  ImplementaFon problems (summarized in Fig 7.2) –  Issue of organizaFonal levels * link to motivational theory: these linkages are required for rewards to have desired effects Equity •  RelaFonship between pay and contribuFons employee percepFons of fairness •  People make social comparisons: –  Inputs/ outputs –  When inequiFes are perceived, creates tension… –  What are the line and staff roles in terms of compensaFon systems? •  Extra piece: piecework, hourly work, and salaried employees (typically also greater benefits) How much? •  Internal factors –  CompensaFon strategy –  Worth of a job –  Employee’s relaFve worth –  Employer’s ability and willingness to pay •  External factors –  Economy - recession –  Labour market condiFon...
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