Cha 1 - Introducing HRM

Bad hrm praccce destroys produccve capacity what is

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Unformatted text preview: t •  The T & D manager suggests that the cut ­off scores on the selecCon test should be raised, because too many new ees are failing training… The conflict between the performance of ees in training and seletion testing Why do we care about HRM? •  Bad HRM pracCce destroys producCve capacity •  What is the cumulaCve effect on society? •  Demands from the public as workforce grows more diverse (discriminaCon, pay equity…) •  Any other reasons? –  All ees experience the effect of HRM –  What are the links from HRM to compeCCve advantage? Line and staff •  This is originally a military disCncCon: line officers lead troops in the field, staff officers assist the commander, make recommendaCons •  What form does this disCncCon take in modern organizaCons? Consider, for example, a hospital… •  If you’re a line manager, what will HR professionals do for you? Vice versa… •  What is the contribuCon of influence here? Current business challenges •  What are the origins of the six challenges described in our text? •  Recall...
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