Cha 1 - Introducing HRM

Travel agents pagers television repair downsizing

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Unformatted text preview: markeCng – it’s the open systems issue again. This is why the HR funcCon isn’t performed by robots. •  Are there any other looming challenges? C1: Global economy •  We live in a volaCle, uncertain, complex world •  Nortel Networks vigneBe •  CompeCCve implicaCons: opportunity and threat to the firm •  PracCces and processes are problemaCzed when you cross internaConal boundaries C2: Survival of firms and sectors •  What’s a business funcCon that has disappeared or is shrinking in your lifeCme? –  Travel agents –  Pagers –  Television repair –  … •  Downsizing, outsourcing: How many ees? Managing the employer: employee boundary C3: Technology and quality •  Impact of Web 2.0 –  some surprises – online job applicaCons! •  Quality: –  StaCsCcal process control in manufacturing –  TQM, Six Sigma, ISO, Benchmarking –  Can be overgeneralized: Consider the Ritz ­Carlton example C4: Environment and climate change •  What does sustainability mean to you? –  Feelgood exercise or moral obligaCon? –  What is the basis for your posiCon? C5: Human capital and talent mgmt •  Where do these items show up on a balance sheet? •  InvesCng in employees and their development; including developmental assignments C6: Demographic and employee concerns •  Does this look familiar? •  What would h...
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