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Melissa Fattorusso Professor Datema The Lottery by Shirley Jackson 2/4/08 In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, a small village of 300 people gathers every year to participate in a lottery. This particular lottery does not have the prize one might desire. The man in charge of the lottery is Mr. Summers. Summers is the owner of the village’s largest business. He controls all of the social activities in the village, which reflects his high social status. Also his name, the word summer, is a symbol of leisure as Jackson writes he had “more time and energy to devote to civic activities.” Alongside Summers controlling the lottery are Mr. Graves (postmaster) and Mr. Martin (village grocer). Mr. Graves name can also reflect death, symbolizing his position in the lottery. I have not found a symbol in Martin’s name yet. The lottery consists of 300 slips of paper that Mr. Summers cuts up and places in a box, the same box used for years with the ritual of the lottery. The box now beat up and
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