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Disease Seminar Handbook W12

26 detailed explanation of disease tutorial marking

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Unformatted text preview: referenced (see writing effectively online workshop) a. including in text citations and full citations at the end 5. All figures must be cited. 6. 2 copies of your homework are required. 7. All homework is due within the first 5 minutes of your assigned seminar.  ­ NO exceptions will apply.  ­ Any challenge for illness or compassionate grounds must be sent to the course coordinator: Nicolette Bradley [email protected] Final Assignment Rubrics Below you will see a rubric that has been developed to evaluate your oral communication, presentation style and the text/research that accompanies your specific disease topic. By referring to this rubric when conducting your research or practicing your portion of the oral presentation, you will be able to see what key features are being evaluated. For example, as part of your oral communication, the TA will be looking for professional body language, eye contact, good volume in your voice, and a relaxed pace. As for the layout of your power point slides, you will be evaluated for your use of figures and text, as well as the organization of information on your slides. Also, they should be visually appealing with large font and appropriate use of colour with little distractions. Finally, you will be asked to hand in a hard copy of your 3 power point slides as well as 3 pages of text, expanding on the information on the slides themselves. This information will be marked for the accuracy and demonstration of comprehension. The information can be gathered from multiple reputable sources but should be focused to the topic of the disease of which you were assigned and must be written in your own words. 25 Detailed Explanation of Disease Tutorial Marking Rubric CRITERIA Level 4 (1) Level 3 (0.8) Level 2 (0.65) Level 1 (0.5) Level 0 (0) Less clear or articulate, harder to hear, little enthusiasm. Not clear or articulate, difficult to hear, monotone, with little or no expression. Speaks clearly and distinctly most of the time with some mispronunciations Vocabulary less appropriate (some use of slang/jargon), sentences are complete. Often can not be understood or mispronounces many words Difficulties with appropriate vocabulary and sentences incomplete/halting. The student did not meet the minimum requirements for unapproved reasons. Oral Communication Voice - Volume - Inflection - Articulate Speech - Complete sentences - Vocabulary - Fillers Body - Eye Contact - Posture - Body language Organization - Main points - Pace/timing - Flow Slide Layout - Figures & text - Font - Colour Excellent clear voice, very articulate, appropriate volume and effective enthusiasm. Speaks clearly and distinctly all of the time with no mispronunciations. Excellent use...
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