Disease Seminar Handbook W12

Information is scattered and fragmented notes are

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Unformatted text preview: of vocabulary. Sentences are simple, clear and complete. Clear, articulate, good volume, enthusiastic. Student does not rely on fillers (um, uh, like). Student presents naturally like a planned conversation and maintains effective eye contact. Minimal reliance on fillers (um, uh, like). Student seldom uses notes and makes eye contact most of the time. Student often uses fillers (um, uh, like). Reading presentation at least half of the time, makes eye contact a few times. Student frequently resorts to fillers (um, uh, like). Student reads all or most of presentation, minimal direct eye contact. Body language is professional throughout most of the group presentation. Student is conscious of posture and appears tense. Fidgeting is distracting at times. Posture is informal and distracting. Student frequently fidgets. Student could use an extra rehearsal to polish up. Main points are identified. It is clear that rehearsals were lacking. Student does not seem prepared to present. Main points are not clearly evident. Slides are clear and well organized. Student could use a few more rehearsals. Main points are difficult to decipher or not clearly linked. Student’s speech is rushed and not planned. Significantly over or under allotted 3 min time. Slides are clear but would benefit from more attention. Graphics are connected to presentation. Graphics are clear and simple, easy to see. Graphics used loosely support presentation, are busy, overly detailed or difficult to see. Graphics used do not support presentation, are not clear, busy/cluttered and difficult to see. Good use of colour and font size with only slight distractions. Font choice and colour or animations are distracting at times. Font is difficult to read and colour distracts from the presentation. Body language is professional and appropriate throughout entire group presentation. Student has obviously rehearsed. Main points are clear and linked. Student speaks at a good pace; pauses where appropriate and is never rushed. Makes excellent use of time allotted. Slides are clear, logical and effectively enhance the presentation. Graphics used significantly add to the presentation. They are very effective, clear, simple and easy to see. Excellent use of colour and font size with no unnecessary distractions. Speaks clearly and distinctly with few mispronunciations. Vocabulary is appropriate and sentences are complete. Student’s speaks at a good pace. Presentation is slightly over or under the allotted 3 min time. Speech is unorganized and distracted with little concept of allotted time. Slides are bare or overly busy. The student did not meet the minimum requirements for unapproved reasons. The student did not meet the minimum requirements for unapproved reasons. The student did not meet the minimum requirements for unapproved reasons. The student did not meet the minimum requirements for unapproved reasons. 26 Detailed Explanation of Disease Tutorial Marking Rubric CRITERIA Level 4 (1) Level 3...
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