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Disease Seminar Handbook W12

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Unformatted text preview: n. Collagen: Hyaline cartilage is mainly composed of type II collagen. Collagen forms a cartilaginous framework to provide tensile strength. Collagen molecules and proteoglycans interweave to form cartilage (Fig. 3). Figure 3: Interweaving of proteoglycans and collagen fibrils. Courtesy of World Ortho. 23 (b) The Normal Immune Response For information on the normal immune system/response, refer to Chapter 3a(v) The Local Support and Defense System located on pages 182 197. Pay particular attention to pages 186 187. By no means are you expected to memorize everything in the chapter, but you will likely find it to be a great resource for definitions and figures to help orient yourself when reading more complex discussion of the immune response in OA. Evaluation: Homework Assignments: There are 3 take home assignments due as part of the disease seminars, each worth 3% of your final grade. Homework is assigned during seminar #2,3,4 and is due during the first 5 min of the following week’s seminar. During seminar #5, you will have an in class assignment to complete and submit before the end of the seminar period. All homework assignments are graded out of 5 possible marks, as follows: 5 – Outstanding Student has gone above and beyond the basic requirements of the assignment. Research is detailed, clear, well ­organized and expands on the students knowledge. All formatting guidelines were properly followed. 4 – Well Done Student has completed all aspects of the assignment correctly as outlined by the TA. Formatting has been followed correctly and an appropriate level of detail was included. 3  Good Student completed the homework as assigned, but only with a general level of detail in research or had some errors in formatting/style. More examples or interpretation could be included. 2 – Needs Improvement Student had one or more major errors in the assignment. The level or research or interpretation is lacking for a university level assignment. 24 1 – Incomplete/ Unsatisfactory Homework was submitted, but lacked key components, showed minimal research and/or included major issues with style. 0 – Did not submit/Academic Misconduct Assignment was not submitted within the first 5 minutes of the assigned seminar or included evidence of academic misconduct (plagiarism), whether intentional or not. For all homework assignments, please follow these important formatting/style guidelines, unless otherwise stated by your TA: 1. 1 page maximum 2. Double spaced 3. 12 pt, black font, 1’ margins, Times New Roman font 4. Properly...
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