Disease Seminar Handbook W12

These weekly assignments are worth 3 each in addition

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Unformatted text preview: eed to complete your research will be gathered independently. During the first 6 seminar sessions, you will attend your seminar to meet with your groups and work on the assignment. Each class will begin with a different lesson by your TA to help you progress in your research and work through challenges. A significant part of each seminar will be reserved for group work on the assigned disease. Weekly attendance of all group members is crucial in order to succeed at the seminar assignment. Please note: 3% of the final mark is based on peer ­evaluation! In addition, homework assignments will be given at the end of seminars 2, 3, 4 and must be handed in to the TA at the beginning of the following week’s seminar. These weekly assignments are worth 3% each. In addition, you will have an in class assignment in seminar #5 which will be worth 1% of your final mark, so the homework assignments together count for 10% of your final mark. By the end of the 6 weeks, each student will have prepared 3 power point slides to be put into a group presentation of ~15 power point slides total. In seminars # 7 ­9, students will give a group PowerPoint presentation on their disease (3 ­4 minutes per student, with each student talking about their assigned research topic). The schedule of presentations for W12 will be as follows: Seminar #7 (Week of Feb. 27): Breast cancer & Depression Seminar #8 (Week of Mar. 5): H. Pylori & Type 2 diabetes 4 Seminar #9 (Week of Mar. 12): IBD and Osteoarthritis In addition to oral communication of the research, all students are to hand in 3 pages of additional text to accompany their slides on the day of their presentation. More information will be provided about this (i.e. level of detail etc.) from your TA during seminar. Evaluation: The seminar activities are worth 25% of your final mark, divided as follows: 10% weekly homework assignments (3 at 3% and 1 at 1%) 3% peer evaluation 6% oral communication 6% text and additional information (to be handed in with PowerPoint slides) NOTE: if a student misses the group presentation for an unapproved reason –a grade of ZERO (0) will be assigned for both the oral communication and additional text (i.e. loss of 10% of the final grade). Approved absences will be dealt with on a case ­by ­case basis. Important Dates: NOTE: Please see the course schedule for the specific dates of given seminars, as they change depending on which day of the week your seminar falls. Seminar #1: - assignment of groups, overview of assignment & expectations Seminar #2 - homework given Seminar #3 - homework due, homework given Seminar #4 - homework due, homework given Seminar #5 - homework d...
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