Disease Seminar Handbook W12

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Unformatted text preview: (0.8) Level 2 (0.65) Level 1 (0.5) Level 0 (0) Information provided contains some factual errors or is outdated. Information provided was inaccurate or outdated; the facts in this project are misleading to the audience. The student did not meet the minimum requirements for unapproved reasons. Background Information & Written Notes Accuracy Mastery of Content Understanding Organization & Style References Information provided is accurate, up to date and considers the full perspective of the disease. Facts are precise and explicit. Student is able to distinguish essential information for completing the project, while adding interest to enhance the project. Content is focused and specific to the assigned topic. All key areas were fully addressed. Topic was dealt with in great depth, i.e. points clearly made, enough examples given and shows a thourough understanding of concepts, facts and terms. Shows a full understanding of the topic. Student is able to explain relevant information within the context of the disease as a whole. Relevant and essential information presented in a logical and interesting sequence that enhanced the assignment. Notes are clear, complete and very well written in the student’s own language with no grammatical errors. Student used wide variety of resources that enrich project. Referencing is consistent and complete with no errors. Information provided is accurate and current. Student is able to distinguish essential information for completing the project. Content relates to assigned topic with few tangents. All key points were addressed. Topic was dealt with in depth, but could benefit from more examples or further development in particular areas. Student only identified some of the pertinent information. Content attempted to address assigned topic, but was inaccurate or irrelevant at times. Some critical points were missed. Student was unable to select the relevant and essential information to complete the project. Irrelevant data is included. Content did not address the assigned topic. Critical points were incorrect or missing. Some topic areas were handled on a superficial level. Further development is needed is some areas. Assignment was dealt with in a very superficial manner. Evidence of knowledge of the subject under study is lacking. Shows a good understanding of the topic. Student is able to explain relevant information as it pertains to their specific topic. Relevant and essential information is organized. Clear links are made between ideas. Shows a fair understanding of parts of the topic. Student ability to explain relevant information is somewhat limited. Information presented is lacking a clear order at times. Bridges between ideas are evident but weak. Does not seem to understand the topic well. Information is listed but the student does not explain the relevance of it. Notes are difficult to follow with no obvious structure. Information is scattered and fragmented. Notes are well written in the student’s own language with only minor grammatical errors. Student used many reputable sources, with only minor re...
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