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Lecture 5 Socialization

No no difference in motor ability mothers mothers

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Unformatted text preview: rentiate males 2) and females. no no difference in motor ability mothers mothers expected difference Social Reproduction of Race Child Child rearing in ethnic-racial-minority families: ethnic-racialemphasizes racial pride -> higher self-esteem and selfgreater group knowledge One One-fifth of racial-minority children have of racial minority children have experienced experienced racial discrimination and parents often adopt “promotion of mistrust” as child-rearing childstrategy. Racial Racial socialization of mixed-race children mixedImportance Importance of exposure to both cultures Discrimination Discrimination Parental reaction to perceived innate differences Differential socialization gendered toys; effect of mother’s attitudes on D.O.L. imitation of gendered behaviour in child’s social environment Media source of gender stereotypes Social Reproduction of Class Melvin Melvin Kohn: child child rearing varies by class differences differences in occupational experiences (supervision, routinization and complexity of (supervision, routinization, and complexity of work). work). LowLow-tier workers = conformity, orderliness, and behavioural consequences in children. HighHigh-tier workers = more permissive, emphasis on selfself-reliance and behavioural intentions. 6 Socialization Theories Functionalism Functionalism Process Process of internalizing social norms and behavioural expectations. Accomplishment Accomplishment of socialization: conformity leading to social integration Feminism Socialization Socialization into masculine and feminine gender roles takes place in family, among peers, in in school, in workplace and through mass media. Conflict Conflict Socialized Socialized by class functions to defend to defend power power relations in society Symbolic Interactionism People People actively participate in their own socialization Accomplishment Accomplishment of socialization: a sense of self of self Zucher Zucher – “I Am ….” 4 components components 7 Cooley: “looking-glass self” “lookingBehavioural Behavioural Theories...
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