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FS 13 103 syllabus

Students who make such arrangements by the deadline

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment How many How many How many Approximate Total points are there? will count? points for percent of for category each one? final grade Quizzes 25 23 6 40% 138 In- class exercises 28 26 4 30% 104 Application projects 5 5 15 20% 75 Service learning or 1 1 40 10% 40 Optional final exam Scores from each component of the class (quizzes, in- class exercises, application projects, community service learning/final exam) will be added together, with the potential to earn a total of 357 points, before extra credit is added. “A point is a point” regardless of the assignment in this grading system. For instance, receiving five additional points on an application project would completely offset the effect of not receiving five points on your service learning work. You will be able to calculate your final grade by dividing the total number of points you earned by 357. I will then convert this a letter grade using the following percentage cut- offs. You can monitor how your percentage changes throughout the semester as your assignments are graded by looking at the “Weighted Total” column on the Blackboard site beginning on the third week of class. Before that, you will be able to see the total number of points that you have earned to date. Please note that there will be absolutely no rounding of final scores under any circumstance. For example, a final score of 89.99 percent will translate into a B+ for the course. I strongly encourage you to pursue extra credit opportunities beforehand to avoid the possibility of nearly missing a cut- off. Grade Percent Range Grade Percent Range A 93.00 and above C 73.00 – 76.99 A- 90.00 – 92.99 C- 70.00 – 72.99 B+ 87.00 – 89.99 D+ 67.00 – 69.99 B 83.00 – 86.99 D 63.00 – 66.99 B- 80.00 – 82.99 D- 60.00 – 62.99 C+ 77.00 – 79.99 F 59.99 and below PSYC 103 syllabus, page 8 Incomplete and Withdrawal Policies: I strictly follow the Registrar’s policy for assigning Incompletes for this course. A grade of I will only be assigned when a small portion of the total semester’s work has to be completed and the student has a compelling reason why the work cannot be completed within the regular timeframe. I encourage you to withdraw from PSYC 103 if you feel that you will be unable to complete the requirements for the course within the expected timeframe. The last day you can choose to drop the course with a W grade is October 31. After that date, the University’s late withdrawal policy applies. Approval is given primarily for non- academic reasons. It requires the completion of a form that includes a statement and rationale for your request, an explanation of why it was not requested by the...
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