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The last day you can choose to drop the course with a

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Unformatted text preview: I anticipate that preparing for it will require as many hours as all aspects of the community service learning assignment (but would probably be less enjoyable!). Students who complete the service learning assignment will not take the cumulative final exam and will have their final session for PSYC 103 on December 5. Extra Credit: This class will provide all students with several options to earn extra credit. Each of the following is worth 5 additional points added to your grade. I will provide more detailed directions in class for each. Some of these assignments must be completed by the dates announced in class in order to count, so be sure to plan carefully. They will be electronically submitted through the Blackboard site. Study skills improvement: Learn about the most effective way to study to improve your grades. Go to http://tinyurl.com/studyvideos and watch the five brief videos that are part of the series, “How to get the most out of studying.” Write a summary of each of these videos (minimum total length: 2 pages). Research participation: Our researchers are always in need of participants for their projects. As a student taking this course, you may develop a better sense of how research is done, and develop some insights into what the participant experiences. Roosevelt University uses the SONA system to track research participation (http://roosevelt.sona- systems.com). Select two “SONA credits” worth of studies in which to participate. You must indicate on the SONA system that you want this credit to go to PSYC 103- 20: Introductory Psychology. New studies are posted on an on- going basis. No written product is required to earn extra credit for this option. Expressive writing exercise: Writing about highly stressful or emotional events has been found to result in improvements in both psychological and physical health. This exercise will involve confidentially writing about such events for 15 minutes on four consecutive days. Learn about related research at http://tinyurl.com/expressivewriting. PSYC 103 syllabus, page 7 Computation of Grades: Here is a summary table featuring each component of class and how it contributes to your final grade for the class. Your assignment grades will be posted under “My Grades” at Blackboard (http://roosevelt.blackboard.com), which will allow you track your course progress and performance....
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