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FS 13 103 syllabus

There will be a total of 28 in class exercises as we

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Unformatted text preview: ers to the multiple choice questions located at the end of the module. They are underneath the heading labeled “Experience the Testing Effect.” See if you were correct by finding the answers in Appendix E, in the back of the book. If you weren’t correct, learn the answer. d. Make flash cards of the vocabulary words. You will find them listed at the end of the chapter underneath the heading “Terms and Concepts to Remember.” This will let you know where each appears in the chapter (see the margins for the definitions). Write the vocabulary word on the front and the definition on the back. Review them until you have memorized the terms. Try to put the definitions in your own words, too. If you want to study more intensively, follow these suggestions: a. Read the chapter another time. b. Find someone to quiz you on the vocabulary words and multiple choice items. c. Ask me questions during office hours. Attend the Thursday tutoring sessions led by the teaching assistants. We will help explain the text materials if you are confused. d. Check out related short video lessons on each topic at http://education- portal.com/academy/course/psychology- 101.html for further clarification. 2. In- class exercises and class participation Participation involves not only attending all class meetings, but also contributing to discussions and activities. Beginning on the very first session, a written exercise will be given and collected as the measurement of your participation. These exercises will allow you to collaborate with other students in class and apply the material to problems and real- world situations. This approach also breaks up the lecture and ensures that you are an active participant in our class. This form of daily feedback is another way for you to monitor your understanding of the information. Each exercise will be worth 4 points. You can interpret your grade on these assignments similar to a GPA scale: 4 (Excellent), 3 (Good), 2 (Satisfactory), 1 (Poor), and 0 (No credit/not submitted). There will be a total of 28 in- class exercises, as we will have an active learning component in each of our sessions. You must be in class when the exercise is assigned to complete it; there are no make- up opportunities for late...
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