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FS 13 103 syllabus

This exercise will involve confidentially writing

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Unformatted text preview: our responsibilities there. b. Weekly entries (a minimum of 6 pages that accumulate across your different visits). This section will consist of multiple entries that describe your work during each visit. Write this section up each week rather than waiting until the due date. Begin each by listing the date, start time, and stop time of your visit. Provide a summary of your activities and interactions during the visit. Profile one individual in greater detail in each entry. Describe their personality, how the person interacted with you or others, and the emotions that the person displayed. c. Connections (2 pages). Make connections between your observations and interactions at the site and the course material. These should be detailed and specific using the readings and the lecture material. The connections may relate to any lesson rather than only to the topic of the week. Select specific topics from the course and explain how it helped you better understand people at your site. Conversely, choose some experiences at your site and explain how these interactions clarified the reading material. d. Personal reactions (1 to 2 pages). Summarize most the important things that you learned from your service learning experience. Comment on what found most interesting, confusing or disconcerting, and your emotional reactions. Your reflection journal will be due on December 3 and needs to be submitted electronically through the Blackboard site. See page 5 of the syllabus for step- by- step instructions on how to PSYC 103 syllabus, page 6 do this. You will also submit your site supervisor’s evaluation form in class. This assignment will count for 40 points, which is worth approximately 10% of your final course grade. Late work will be penalized at a rate of 0.25 point per day. Alternative assignment. For those students who are unable or choose not to complete the service learning assignment, you will have the option to take a cumulative final examination instead on December 12 during finals week. This exam will consist entirely of essay questions that cover all assigned readings in the Myers textbook. These questions will be drawn from the ones listed under “Learning Objectives” at the end of the modules. The final exam will account for the same number of points as the community service option....
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