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You will have the opportunity to study the actual

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Unformatted text preview: n 1945 by faculty who all resigned from the YMCA College in Chicago to protest its use of quotas and discrimination in student admissions. Consistent with the University’s framework of values, you will learn how psychologists can address inequality and can improve well- being for people and society. You will be encouraged to help remedy these inequalities through community engagement as well. Course Requirements: 1. Daily quizzes Beginning on Session 2, a brief quiz will be given during each class. The quiz will cover the readings from the Myers textbook that have been assigned for that day. Be sure to bring two pencils to each class session because we will use Scantron forms for the quizzes. Daily quizzes are given in this course for the following three reasons: (a) to encourage you to read and learn important concepts and terms from the text before each session, (b) to make studying much more manageable, and (c) to provide you with frequent feedback about your understanding and performance in class. Each quiz will be worth 6 points and will include 6 multiple choice questions. It will contain vocabulary word definitions (you must recognize the correct definition) and multiple choice questions that will be drawn directly from the self- test questions in the Myers textbook modules. You will have the opportunity to study the actual questions and their answers before each quiz. There will be a total of 25 quizzes during this semester. We will not have quizzes on Sessions 27 and 28 because those readings do not have self- test questions in your textbook. I will also drop your two lowest quiz scores when calculating your final grade. You must be in class when the quiz is administered to complete it; there are no make- up opportunities for late arrivals, early departures, or absences. These quizzes collectively will account for 138 points, which is approximately 40% of your grade in PSYC 103. How to best prepare for the quizzes a. Carefully check the syllabus to determine which text modules you should read for the day. We will skip around the book, so it pays to verify. b. Read the modules carefully (two times if needed) before coming to class. Underline or highlight the text. PSYC 103 syllabus, page 3 c. Write down your answ...
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