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Unformatted text preview: arrivals, early departures, or absences. I will drop your two lowest assignment scores when calculating your final grade. These exercises collectively will account for 104 points, which is approximately 30% of your grade in PSYC 103. PSYC 103 syllabus, page 4 3. Application projects One of the reasons why many students enjoy psychology classes is the opportunity to apply material to your own lives. You will complete five application projects that will give you the chance to do this in a detailed way. Each one will involve self- reflection and then answering related questions for a total length of approximately 3 to 5 pages. More detailed instructions will be provided in class, but here is a brief summary of each. Project 1: Personality assessment (due on September 5). You will complete an online personality questionnaire, obtain results, and relate them to your own perceptions of your personality and the information on the topic covered in the textbook. Project 2: Wellness and stress (due on September 26). You will answer a series of questions about stresses you experience, how you typically cope with them, and propose different ways of addressing them effectively. Project 3: Avoiding attribution errors (due on October 22). One of the reasons for conflict is the thought patterns that occur when others upset you. For this project, you will monitor and challenge how you view others’ motives for 10 days and summarize your findings. Project 4: Behavior change (due on November 14). You will select a target behavior that you would like to change in yourself (e.g., exercise, procrastination), collect baseline data, implement a reward system to change your behavior, and monitor its effectiveness. Project 5: Career planning (due on December 5). You will complete an online questionnaire to help you determine your career interests, will research job options, and learn about how to best prepare for possible jobs regardless of your major. Each application project will be worth 15 points and must be submitted on the due date through the Blackboard site. Otherwise, a late penalty of 0.5 point per day will be deducted from your grade on the assignment (this penalty includes weekends). You need to submit these assignments through Blackboard. Fo...
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