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I told her my favorite was the helmet demonstration

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Unformatted text preview: ould each pick four kids and then take them around the museum. I picked Sebastian, Mirella, Helena, and Deja. Sebastian and Deja can be a handful and likes to wander away; Helena and Mirella generally stay close to me, so it was a good mix. We got on the bus around noon and headed to the Museum. I sat next to Mirella and she braided my hair. We got to the museum and the kids were so excited. My group begged me to walk Page 5 MODEL JOURNAL around Navy Pier after we got done at the museum and I told them we if there was still time left over we could. I love the field trips because it gives me a chance to get to know the kids on more of a one- on- one level, rather than when we are all in a big group, which I usually how it ends up being. Sebastian is such a ham, and can be all over the place, but is also incredibly helpful. He helped me keep an eye on Deja (as she only five) by staying with her. Deja is a clown! She is so funny and always likes making people laugh. Helena stays very close to me and does not like to do the physical activities as much as the other kids. Mirella is also pretty quiet but when she does talk it is powerful. She seems to have a lot of wisdom for a seven year old. We entered the Children’s Museum and I could see how this place is pure joy to children. They had everything! A giant fire truck for the kids to play in, a whole room full of things to do like they were in the circus, a giant jungle gym! The kids ate it up. We got to the water works room and Sebastian and Deja were all over the place. Every time I asked them to stay by my side I would turn for one second and they would be gone. I feel like we spent a lot of the time chasing them around. We watched a presentation on what happens when you don’t wear a helmet that the kids really enjoyed. The staff at the museum took two melons and dropped them from a high point in the museum, except one had a helmet on. The melon that did not have the helmet splattered everywhere with a choir of “Ewwww” from the kids. The one that had the helmet had a small crack and that was all. After the presentation, the kids had seen everything in the museum and wanted...
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