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The caucasian children are the minority at build

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Unformatted text preview: to explore Navy Pier. Page 6 MODEL JOURNAL First the kids wanted to see the Ferris wheel. They all wanted to ride it, but no one had brought money for extra activities. Instead we just watched it go around a few revolutions. We walked to the end of the pier and the kids thought the lake was an ocean. We talked about where the oceans are and then about the Great Lakes. Only Sebastian had ever seen the ocean, so he told the girls about what it was like. We all talked about going to California someday to see the ocean from there. We walked back through Navy Pier and the kids all wanted things from the stores. We stopped at the candy store and I bought everyone some taffy. We ate taffy and watched a show that was being sponsored by the aquarium. The kids had a chance to go up and dance with fake jelly fish and they loved it! They wanted to go to the aquarium after that and I told them all that we should do that for a field trip some day! It was time to head back to the bus so we all went there. Mirella and I sat next to each other again and talked about our favorite parts of the day. I told her my favorite was the helmet demonstration and her favorite was dancing with the jellyfish. We dropped the kids off at BUILD and I waited with the few stragglers in the backyard playing catch until their parents got there. Connections: At BUILD, I feel like I am making a difference working with the kids, because every day that I am there I get to know them a little bit more, and I get to learn more about them and how to deal with children of this age. I appreciate the amount of responsibility that has been given to me as a volunteer, as I do many of the same things that the staff members do for the children. It’s great to know I’m needed, as BUILD really counts on volunteers to help them with Page 7 MODEL JOURNAL the children. It’s also great to have other volunteers to work with so that we can compare our interactions with the kids. Looking at Module 10 in the textbook, I can see a lot of concepts that could help explain Mika (and many of the other children at BUILD). On page 145, the author writes that temperament - - a person’s characteristic emotional reactivity and intensity - - is a large part of an individual. It also connects...
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