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The kids all came excited to go to the north ave

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Unformatted text preview: just put my feet in, as I was not aware I would need a swim suit on my first day. Mika started to splash Rita (another volunteer) and me, and we splashed her back. It ended up with Rita and I soaked in our street clothes, laughing on the beach together with Mika. We decided to build a sand tunnel in the sand to try to dry our clothes some, and Mika helped us. We had made quite an impressive tunnel when Jessica informed us it was time to get ready. I assumed we were going back to the church but instead we went to the sprinklers! The church has no air conditioning at all, so on warm days they try to keep the kids in the water if they can. I spent most of the time giving a bunch of kids pushes on the swings and on the tire swing. Mika kept bothering me to give her money for ice cream. I told her no, that it isn’t fair for me to buy her ice cream but not for anyone else. She went off and pouted on the other end of the sprinklers. Page 3 MODEL JOURNAL We left the sprinklers and headed back to the church. There were already some parents there to pick up kids, so we took the rest of the kids back in the building and gave them snack and played board games until their parents came. Mika gave me a big hug when her dad came to get her and I told her I would see her soon. I think my first day was a success. I very quickly felt comfortable with the kids and the other staff. I was nervous that I did not have any sort of training or orientation but it did not seem necessary throughout the day. Day 2: July 6, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm: Today is field trip day! The kids all came excited to go to the North Ave. beach. We puttered around the church and then went to the playground while the adults ran around getting everything together. I sat next to Damon on the bus. He talked the entire time about video games, how he lives on the south side so he and his dad have to wake up really early to get to BUILD, and how his brother died. He didn’t go into details about how his brother died, he just got quiet. I told him if he wanted to talk about it, I was always there. We got to the beach and everyone ran to the sand. We went to the part where there were lots of waves, and the...
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