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They also prefer activities that are more interactive

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Unformatted text preview: , Kit, Marilia, and Sammy. They talked about boys and asked me questions about myself. I hoped I was going to be put in a group with these girls as I could talk to them easily. Breakfast time was over and the room was filled with lots of loud children. I have to admit it was rather intimidating. I asked Jessica where I was supposed to go, as no one really gave me any direction, and she told me I would be with the Pee- Wee group, as that is the largest group that generally needs the most assistance. I followed one of the staff members of that group, Coco, to the upper level of the church to the pews. We played Simon Says, but changed it to “Coco Says” and “Dani Says.” The kids didn’t seem to be enjoying it so much, mostly because Coco yells at them a lot. They also prefer activities that are more interactive, where they can be moving a lot more and not just paying attention to what someone is saying. The kids all grabbed instruments and the teacher taught them how to play each of them (it was just drums and maracas mostly) and then he taught them a little dance. Coco, the other volunteers, and I all danced and cheered them on as they played their instruments and danced. Page 2 MODEL JOURNAL Soon the time came for recreation time, and we said goodbye to the teacher. We went to the back of the church and each of the kids picked out a different activity to play. Here is where I started meeting the Pee- Wee’s and getting to know them. I met Mika when she asked me to help her with a game. We played it for a while and then she told me about her summer. I let her borrow my ring to wear and she decided she would call me “sister” (I think so that she wouldn’t have to remember my name.) Lunch time was called and Mika held my hand into the lunchroom. I helped hand out lunch and the two of us sat with Rita and Desiree and had lunch. I met all of the staff very informally, just a passing hello and introduction. I learned that BUILD has a very family feel to it. After lunch we headed out to the beach. There is a man- made beach in Humboldt Park that is a short walk from the BUILD location. We made it to the beach and I...
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