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We got on the bus around noon and headed to the

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Unformatted text preview: kids were just having a blast playing in them. I took turns holding the girls up in the high waves so that they could go deeper in the water. I thought it was going to be really terrifying having that many kids at the lake, but they were all really well behaved. When we told them that they were going too far out they got back closer to the shore quickly. The older youth also helped supervise the Pee- Wee’s in the water by helping them swim and telling them to get out of the deep water if they needed to. Damon chased me around the water for a while pretending to be a monster. I would run away from him but then go underwater and swim behind him, then pop up and scare him. It was rather amusing. Page 4 MODEL JOURNAL I got out of the lake to go with Helena back to the shore to get her inhaler, as she was having trouble breathing. We sat on the shore for a while and talked. Rita joined us and showed us her Polaroid camera. We all took pictures with it and had a lot of fun. I don’t think any of the kids had seen a camera that instantly printed pictures so they got quite a kick out of it. Next was lunch time and we went to a grassy area. I have never seen so many pizza boxes in my life, let alone seen all the pizza eaten! I sat with Helena and she talked to me the entire time, she has a really pretty natural smile and kind voice. We finished lunch and went back to the beach. We all piled back on the bus and Helena sat next to me. We talked about the beach and how much fun we had. We arrived back at BUILD and said goodbye to the kids as most of their parents were there waiting for them. It was a really fun day! Day 3: July 12, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm: Today was the field trip to the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier, and everyone was really excited for it. I handed out a snack and the kids could barely sit still. I laughed at them as they continuously asked me “when are we going?” I told them we wouldn’t be leaving until around noon and they all seemed like they thought that was really soon. No one had planned anything before we left so we went to the playground and the kids all occupied themselves. Jessica informed me that we were splitting the kids into groups; we w...
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