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103 final study guide

10 3 how do parent infant attachment bonds form 10 7

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Unformatted text preview: ause- effect explanation? 3- 2: What are neurons, and how do they transmit information? 3- 3: How do nerve cells communicate with other nerve cells? Page 1 4- 4: What are the functions of the various cerebral cortex regions? 4- 6: What do split brains reveal about the functions of our two brain hemispheres? 5- 1: What are genes, and how do behavioral geneticists explain our individual differences? 5- 3: How do evolutionary psychologists use natural selection to explain behavior tendencies? 6- 5: What is the biological rhythm of our sleeping and dreaming stages? 7- 1: What is hypnosis, and what powers does a hypnotist have over a hypnoti...
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