bit specific coefficient of sliding friction

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Unformatted text preview: ock unconfined compressive strength, psi WOB = weight on bits, lbf λ = bit hydraulic factor, dimensionless. μ = bit specific coefficient of sliding friction, dimensionless. SPE 116667 7 References 1. 2. Teale, R. 1965. The concept of Specific Energy in Rock Drilling. Int. J. Rock Mech. And Mining Sci., Vol.2, 57-73. Simon, R. 1963. Energy Balance in Rock Drilling. Paper SPE 499 presented at the SPE-U. Texas Drilling and Mechanics Symposium, Austin, Texas, Jan. 23-24. 3. Pessier, R.C. and Fear, M.J. 1992. Quantifying Common Drilling Problems with Mechanical Specific Energy and Bit-Specific Coefficient of Sliding Friction. Paper SPE 24584 presented at the 67th Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Washington, DC, October 4-7. 4. Waughman, R.J., Kenner, J.V., and Moore, R.A. 2002. Real-Time Specific Energy Monitoring Reveals Drilling Inefficiency and Enhances the Understanding of When to Pull Worn PDC Bits. Paper SPE 74520 presented at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference, Dallas, Texas, 26-28 February. 5. Dupriest, F.E. and...
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