Dse can be used to identify specific inefficient

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Unformatted text preview: one can increase the ROP, the efficiency of the system reduces when nothing is done on the hydraulic side. DSE can be used to identify specific inefficient drilling situations such as, bit balling and friction-limiter. On the bit balling case, the ROP decreases and the DSE increases steadily as the drilling progresses. New clean-bits can deliver similar ROP and DSE values, even though they are run at different depth on the same formation. On the friction-limited situation, the change on ROP and DSE values are drastic. The ROP trend jumps to lower values and the DSE trend shifts to higher values. DSE also becomes very erratic. Nomenclature = bit area, in.2 AB CCS = rock confined compressive strength, psi = bit diameter, in DB = drilling Efficiency EFFD = bit hydraulic power, hp HPB MSE = mechanical specific energy, psi MSEactual = actual mechanical specific energy, psi MSEmin = minimum mechanical specific energy, psi ROP = rate of penetration, ft/hr RPM = revolutions per minutes, rpm SE = specific energy, psi T = torque, ft-lbs UCS = r...
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