It was until the dse tool was used to evaluate the

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Unformatted text preview: ncreasing the mechanical energy (axial and torsional) trying to improve the drilling performance. It was until the DSE tool was used to evaluate the drilling efficiency that the “abnormal” situation was illuminated and correction were implemented. The field data also suggest a good correlation between the DSE, calculated with downhole data, and the rock confined strength while drilling at-balance. Recent published experimental data shows that the mud density affects the MSE by increasing its values, even when the bit seems to be drilling efficiently.9 It is expected that this phenomenon would also be true when using DSE to evaluate the drilling efficiency at overbalance conditions. Conclusions A novel correlation for Drilling Specific Energy (DSE) is presented. DSE can be defined as the work done to excavate and remove underneath the bit a unit volume of rock. Teale’s original MSE equation was modified to include a particular bit hydraulic-related term on the specific energy concept. Experimental data...
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