The peaks with high dse values show a lot of

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Unformatted text preview: his case CCS is used. There is a good correlation between the downhole data and the CCS. The “peaks” with high DSE values show a lot of opportunities for improving the drilling efficiency on this particular well. Discussion Including a particular bit hydraulic-related term in the specific energy correlation would allow a better understanding of the complex-rotary drilling process. Putting together the mechanical (axial and torsional) and hydraulic components of the specific energy, at the bit level, would give a more holistic approach for the bit-rock interaction while drilling. The rock is broken by the mechanical energy component (axial plus torsional), and the pieces are removed underneath the bit by the hydraulic component. The faster the rock pieces are removed, the less energy is wasted re-grinding cuttings already broken. The experimental data suggests that the DSE can be used to identify inefficient drilling conditions. Fig. 19 shows a sketch making a connection between the traditional ROP vs. WOB plot and the...
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