The third term on the right side is the bit hydraulic

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Unformatted text preview: on Teale’s original equation. The third term on the right side is the bit hydraulic-related term. The number 1,980,000 is a unit conversion factor. Lambda (λ) is a dimensionless bit-hydraulic factor depending on the bit diameter (Fig. 1). The ratio of bit hydraulic power and bit area (HPB / AB) is the bit HSI (hp/in2). ROP is the rate of penetration (ft/hr). DSE with Lab Data Tibbitts et al. presented several experiments investigating the effect of bit hydraulics on ROP using a full-scale simulator. 11 The experiments were run with a Smith F-3, 7-7/8 in.-diameter bit using samples from Mancos shale. Test Procedure Four shale samples were drilled with the same bit and with nozzles of different sizes for each sample. Downhole conditions simulated were: (1) 4,400 psi overburden stress, (2) 2,970 psi confining strength, (3) 2,000 psi borehole pressure, and (4) no formation pressure. After a jacketed shale sample was placed in the wellbore simulator, the confining pressure, overburden pressure, a...
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