These field results also enligthen a good correlation

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Unformatted text preview: . These field results also enligthen a good correlation between the calculated DSE and the rock compressive strength. The novel correlation presented in this paper will help to improve the drilling efficiency worldwide. The new hydraulic term included on the specific energy correlation is the key to correctly matching the amount of energy used to drill and the rock compressive strength. Also, this new term illuminates how much hydraulic energy is needed to drill faster and efficiently when the mechanical energy (axial and torsional) is increased. Introduction Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE) has been used to improve drilling performance with mixed results. MSE has been defined as the mechanical work done to excavate a unit volume of rock.1, 2 Teale proposed calculating MSE based on its two components (“trust” and “rotary”) as follows: 1 WOB 120 * π * RPM * T + AB AB * ROP MSE = (1) Teale also noticed that the minimum value for the specific energy correlates with the crushing strength of the medi...
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