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Wob left side drawing is illustrated on the lower

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Unformatted text preview: new DSE vs. ROP correlation. The linear region representing efficient drilling on the ROP vs. WOB (left-side drawing) is illustrated on the lower-right section of the DSE vs. ROP plot: low DSE with high ROP (right-side plot). The non-linear region representing inefficient drilling conditions on the ROP vs. WOB is shown on the upper-left section of the DSE vs. ROP plot: high DSE with low ROP. The field data implies specific pattern for certain inefficient drilling conditions. On the bit balling case, the ROP decreases and the DSE increases steadily as the drilling progresses. New clean-bits can deliver similar ROP and DSE values, even though they are run at different depth on the same formation. On the friction-limited situation, the change on ROP and DSE values are drastic and dramatic. The average DSE trend shifts to higher values, and the average ROP trend jumps to lower values. DSE also becomes very erratic. 6 SPE 116667 The two field cases shown here were considered “normal performance” while drilling on their specific fields because they always happen. A lot of effort and energy was spent i...
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