History-Philosophy Final

History-Philosophy Final - Joseph Monte History and...

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Unformatted text preview: Joseph Monte History and Philosophy Final Origins of Baseball-Created in 1800-Grew w/ America-Transformed into American Past-time-Evolved quickly into “Big Business” from a leisure time pursuit-Albert Spalding created myth that Abner Doubleday invented baseball in 1839.-Reports of the game being played as early as 1778, but didn’t catch on b/c it was a child’s game-Grew from 3 English games: Rounders & Townball, Cricket-Cricket was more popular then baseball-2 popular versions of baseball-Massachusetts =long rectangular field, posts served as bases, and ball was thrown at runner to get him out. New York =Square field, regular bases, touch base to get runner out. Transformation to America’s Pastime-1845=New York Knickerbockers-Recognized as first baseball club. Amateurs; Gentlemen (bankers, business men, etc)-Created by Alexander Cartwright- Established rules such as: - 90’ Bases/ Pitcher’s mound/ 9 players/no throwing at runners/first team to score 21 aces wins-1846: First organized game. New York Knickerbockers played the New Yorkers (a cricket team) Cartwright was the umpire. Yorkers beat Knickerbockers beat 23-1.-1859: First College Game: Amherst College defeated Williams College 66-32-1858: Creation of National Association of Baseball players: Over 50 clubs in the Mid- Atlantic-Cricket becomes obsolete, and baseball takes over. Cricket players become baseball players-NABBP would govern baseball for the next 13 yrs:-Standardized rules -Settle Disputes-Established the calling of balls/strikes-9 innings-Ball must be on fly to be an out-No gambling, pay for play, or jumping from tem to team-Although they were amateur teams, they would charge admission to pay for uni’s/field usage/travel.-Civil War (1861-1865)-Decline in organized play but the game then spread to the South as Union soldiers played the game to pass time & taught Confederate prisoners to occupy them-Explosion of Baseball after War-Every town had a team-Semi-Pro players: Given a job to play ball-As ppl moved to the Midwest, so did baseball-Alexander Cartwright spread the game to California, Hawaii, and Japan Evolution into a Business-1869: Cincinnati Reds=First all professional team. Managed and owned by Harry Wright; also a player.-First season netted a profit of $1.39 for investors-Won every game 65-0-Only one player was a Cincinnati native-1870-Lost in extra innings to the Brooklyn Atlantics-They went on to win the next 40 games, but then disbanded-1871: Creation of National Association of Professional Baseball Players-Player controlled teams-Lasted only until 1875-Erratic schedules, teams coming and going due to poor financial management-1876: Creation of National League-Founded by William Hulbert-70 game schedule-No Sundays-Umpires-Owner controlled league-No gambling or beer at games-Salary Cap: Not over $ 2,000 to any player-Reserve Clause=owner owned the player: 5 players could be designated under this clause and if you wanted another team’s player w/ a reserve clause, you had to give up 3 starters-Player paid for uni’s-Team paid expenses of trip -Main Goal: Owners wanted to make...
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History-Philosophy Final - Joseph Monte History and...

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