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Chapter 12 Notes - agriculture to industry produces a...

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Anjelie Patidar Chapter 12 Notes 10/ 31 Aging and the Life Course Gerontology- the scientific study of the aging process; gerontologists try to better understand the aging process in order to improve the health and quality of life of the aged Age Stratification- social rankings of individuals at different stages of the life course who, in turn, are given differential access to society’s resources, rewards, and opportunities on the basis of their age Ageism- social inequality that results from age stratification; when people practice ageism, they use age to define an individuals capabilities and social roles, and to determine the individual’s access to societal resources, rewards, and opportunities Gerontophilic- societies that respect and revere the aged Gerontophobic- fear of aging and the aged; a strong dislike or hatred of aging and the aged Modernization Theory- the idea that the economic transformation of a society from
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Unformatted text preview: agriculture to industry produces a progressive devaluation of aging Disengagement Theory- major structural functionalist perspective on aging; when people reach old age they disengage from their work roles and responsibilities, relinquishing them to younger workers so as to keep the society running smoothly Activity Theory- major symbolic interactionist perspective on aging; in order for people to age successfully, they must remain socially active throughout the life course Political Socialization- how political values ad attitudes develop over time in response to various environmental influences, including one’s social locations and experiences of political events Age in Place- continuing to live in the homes they occupied while still in the labor force...
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Chapter 12 Notes - agriculture to industry produces a...

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