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Unformatted text preview: ns, Oct. 3-6, (1971). 10. Letkeman, J. P. and Fisher, W. G., "The Application of Numerical Coning Models to Optimize Completion and Production Methods to Increase Oil Productivity in the Bellshill Lake Blairmore Pool",SPE Reprint Series No. 4a (1975 edition), 33-39. 11. Miller, R.T. and Rogers, W.L., "Per-formance of Oil Wells in Bottom Water Drive Reservoirs", paper SPE 4633 presented at the SPE 48th Annual fsll Meeting,Las Vegas, Sept. 30-Oct. 3, (1973). 12. Spivak, A., Coats, K. H., "Numerical Simulation of Coning Using Implicit Production Terms”. SPE 2595, (1970). 13. Welge, H. J. and Weber, A. G., "Use of Two Dimensional Methods for Calculating Well Coning Behavior", Soc. Pet. Eng. J., 345355, (Dec., 1964). 14. Blair, P. M., Weinaug, C.F., "Solution of Two-Phase Flow Problems Using Implicit Difference Equations". SPE 2185, (1969). 15. Aziz, Kh. and Settari, A. N., "Pe...
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