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Zach Frank Richard III Paper Outline I. Introduction A. Open with the Quote from Buckingham B. Main Ideal (Discuss the theme of counterfeit) C. Thesis II. Richard and false acting A. Ways he manipulated people to get his way 1. Examples B. Way it affected him in the end. III. How Richard compares to people in the real world A. Effects this has on the person putting up the false character and the people they do it to. B. Compare the outcome of Richard and what happens in real life. IV. Conclusion A. Explain why it is wrong B. Sum everything up
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Richard III: Theme of counterfeit The theme of “counterfeit” or pretending to be something your not comes up numerous times in Richard III. The theme is pretty easy to see, but it really stands out in Act III, scene 5, when Buckingham explains to Richard that he “can counterfeit the deep tragedian.” By saying this, Buckingham is assuring Richard that he is willing to lie, cheat, and even kill to help Richard out. Along with saying he is willing to do it; he is also saying he is a good enough actor to pull it all off which can be a very dangerous thing. Along with the play, this kind of thing is also very prevalent in the world around us. In both situations it may seem to work out, but as we read in Richard III it will come back to get you. Throughout the play Richard and others use clever ways to manipulate people’s opinions to get what they want. Richards’s goal is to become the next King, which is currently held by his brother Edward.
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Richard III paper - Zach Frank Richard III Paper Outline I....

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