Midterm # 2 - Midterm Exam By Zach Frank Class English 101...

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Midterm Exam: By: Zach Frank Class: English 101 For: Professor Ritterbusch Date: December 4, 2007
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Zach Frank Midterm # 2 Sacrifice of Individuals for Society The idea of certain individuals or groups who are sacrificed for the greater good of society has come up numerous times throughout the short stories and novels that we have covered. I am fully against this idea and believe that people do not deserve this treatment. We first see this in the short story The Lottery . This story deals with a village that has a yearly tradition of getting together and holding a lottery to determine who gets stoned to death. It is a ritual used to give the rest of the village some fun, at the expense of one individual. While looking at this story you wonder how this can be something that the village could possibly get joy over doing. It ranges from Grandparents yelling “come on, come on everyone” urging the people to start the stoning, to children who prepared the rocks the day before. It is a horrible thing; you should not do this to an individual just to get some joy out of it and to keep a tradition alive. The next example of this occurred in
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Midterm # 2 - Midterm Exam By Zach Frank Class English 101...

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