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Unformatted text preview: order of the children of Node n var kids = n.childNodes; // Get the list of children var numkids = kids.length; // Figure out how many children there are for(var i = numkids- 1; i >= 0; i- - ) { // Loop backward through the children var c = n.removeChild(kids[i]); // Remove a child n.appendChild(c); // Put it back at its new position } } http://www-scf.usc.edu/~csci571/Special/domexamples/ex6.html Copyright Ellis Horowitz 2013 19 Example 7: $.children(), $.remove(), $.append(); JavaScript w/ jQuery var onReady = function() { $(".reverse").on("click", function() { var kids = $("body").children(); for(var i = kids.length - 1; i >= 0; i- - ) { var c = $(kids[i]).remove(); $("body").append(c); } onReady(); }); } $(onReady); http://www-scf.usc.edu/~csci571/Special/domexamples/ex5.html Copyright Ellis Horowitz 2013 20 jQuery & AJAX •  jQuery has a series of funcJons which provide a common interface for AJAX, no maTer what browser you are using. •  Most of the upper level AJAX funcJons have a common layout: –  $.func(url[,params][,callback]), [ ] opJonal •  url: string represenJng server target •  params: names and values to send to server •  callback: funcJon executed on successful communicaJon. Copyright Ellis Horowitz 2013 21 jQuery AJAX load method •  The load() method loads data from a server and puts the returned data into the selected element. •  $(selector).load(URL,data,callback); •  The required URL parameter specifies the URL you wish to load. •  The opJonal data parameter specifies a set of querystring key/value pairs to send along with the request. •  The opJonal callback parameter is the name of a funcJon to be executed ater the load() method is completed. Copyright Ellis Horowitz 2013 22 AJAX Example 1 <!DOCTYPE html><html><head> <script src="http:// ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/ 1.10.2/jquery.min.js"> </script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("button").click(function(){ $("#div1").load("demo_test.txt #p1"); }); }); </script>...
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