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Robert Collins Chemistry Lab Experiment 5 Discussion Our experiment went collectively well. Ideally, a gas has a molar volume of 22.4-L/mol at STP. In the first part of our lab, through calculation, we measured the molar volume of the O 2 produced in our reaction to be 22.35-L/mol at STP. In the second part, we measured the molar volume of H 2 and calculated it to be 22.27-L/mol at STP. Our accuracy according to an ideal gas interested me to find our standard deviation from ideal which turned out to be 0.098-L/mol. We found the barometric pressure online for Goleta, CA to be 764.3-torr 1.006-atm. This is an approximation of the area and could lead to
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Unformatted text preview: slight error. This helped in finding the partial pressure of the gases produced in each reaction. The key element of our experiment was the closed system we created between the three flasks. That detail made our measurements possible, because they were rather indirect. I found that the only error possibly affecting our measurements could’ve been the partial pressure of water since it is a continuous cycle of molecules being transferred between the water and hydrogen gas above it. We were given that value, but we still must realize it is an approximation....
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