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Figure 8 the capacitors c1 c4 are optional the value

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Unformatted text preview: itors is generally in the 10 pF range. The purpose of these capacitors is to reduce the RF radiation that is produced by the arching of the commutators. BIDIRECTION BDC MOTOR DRIVE (H-BRIDGE) CIRCUIT VSUPPLY R1 Q1 D1 C1 C3 D3 Q3 D4 Q4 Motor IFWD BDC CTRL3 R3 CTRL1 IRVS IBRK CTRL2 D2 C2 R2 The different drive modes for and H-bridge circuit are shown in Table 1. In Forward mode and Reverse mode one side of the bridge is held at ground potential and the other side at VSUPPLY. In Figure 8 the IFWD and IRVS arrows illustrate the current paths during the Forward and Reverse modes of operation. In Coast mode, the ends of the motor winding are left floating and the motor coasts to a stop. Brake mode is used to rapidly stop the BDC motor. In Brake mode, the ends of the motor are grounded. The motor behaves as a generator when it is rotating. Shorting the leads of the motor acts as a load of infinite magnitude bringing the motor to a rapid halt. The IBRK arrow illustrates this. TABLE 1: C4 CTRL4 R4 Q2 There is one very important considerat...
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