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Generally it is a good idea to experiment with the

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Unformatted text preview: n a PIC microcontroller be used to generate the PWM waveform required to control the speed of a BDC motor? One way would be to toggle an output pin by writing assembly or C code dedicated to driving that pin(1). Another way is to select a PIC microcontroller with a hardware PWM module. The modules available from Microchip for this purpose are the CCP an ECCP modules. Many of the PIC microcontrollers have CCP and ECCP modules. Refer to the product selector guide to find the devices having these features. Note: Microchip Application Note AN847 provides an assembly code routine for pulse-width modulating an I/O pin in firmware. The CCP module (short for Capture Compare and PWM) is capable of outputting a 10-bit resolution PWM waveform on a single I/O pin. 10-bit resolution means that 210, or 1024, possible duty cycle values ranging from 0% to 100% are achievable by the module. The advantage to using this module is that it automatically generates a PWM signal on an I/O pin which frees up processor time fo...
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