See types of stepping motors for the different bdc

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Unformatted text preview: ee Types of Stepping Motors for the different BDC motor types). Rotor The rotor, also called the armature, is made up of one or more windings. When these windings are energized they produce a magnetic field. The magnetic poles of this rotor field will be attracted to the opposite poles generated by the stator, causing the rotor to turn. As the motor turns, the windings are constantly being energized in a different sequence so that the magnetic poles generated by the rotor do not overrun the poles generated in the stator. This switching of the field in the rotor windings is called commutation. SIMPLE TWO-POLE BRUSHED DC MOTOR N SOUTH NORTH Brushes Commutator Field Axle 2010 Microchip Technology Inc. Armature Magnet or Coil DS00905B-page 1 AN905 Brushes and Commutator Shunt-Wound Unlike other electric motor types (i.e., brushless DC, AC induction), BDC motors do not require a controller to switch current in the motor windings. Instead, the commutation of the windings of a BDC motor is done mechanically. A segmented copp...
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