These motors are ideally suited for high torque

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Unformatted text preview: suited for high-torque applications because the current in both the stator and armature increases under load. A drawback to SWDC motors is that they do not have precise speed control like PMDC and SHWDC motors have. FIGURE 4: DC Voltage Supply SERIES-WOUND DC MOTORS Series Field Armature Brush FIGURE 2: PERMANENT MAGNET DC MOTORS Armature DC Voltage Supply DS00905B-page 2 Brush Permanent Magnet Poles 2010 Microchip Technology Inc. AN905 Compound-Wound Compound Wound (CWDC) motors are a combination of shunt-wound and series-wound motors. As shown in Figure 5, CWDC motors employ both a series and a shunt field. The performance of a CWDC motor is a combination of SWDC and SHWDC motors. CWDC motors have higher torque than a SHWDC motor while offering better speed control than a SWDC motor. Drive circuits are used in applications where a controller of some kind is being used and speed control is required. The purpose of a drive circuit is to give the controller a way to vary the current in the windings of the BDC motor. The drive circuits discussed in this...
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