It is sometimes difficult to determine the origin of

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Unformatted text preview: ypes of black plastic were used in the device. However, the coiled spring terminals generally offer a positive identification feature. IED Various electrical components. The black material on the wall is characteristic of black carbon powder originating from a fragmented battery damaged in the IED explosion. The force of explosion fragmented the battery, propelling its contents throughout the target area, with some of the powder impacting this wall. 8 IED IED A cell phone and related components fabricated as a remote-controlled initiation system for a bomb. A remote-controlled explosive device. Notice the electronics package on one side of the wooden box and the large cavity that accommodated the explosives. IED Mechanical clocks, one in original condition and one whose fragmented components were recovered following use as a timer in an IED. In addition to the metal clock housing, notice the small plastic and metal clock gears, which were recovered. IED Metal pipe bomb fragments that exhibit striation marks resulting from finishing nails that were secured to the pipe prior to the explosion. 9...
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