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Photo imaging the scene overall scene photographs

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Unformatted text preview: uld be taken of the entire scene before the evidence collection process begins. This may require many photographs from different angles and perspectives. Searching the Scene One of the most effective methods of conducting a search for bomb components and debris is with the grid search pattern. The number in each grid will correspond to the evidence specimen number on the evidence recovery log. Documenting The plotting of a grid search pattern on a diagram provides a visual representation of where specific items of evidence were located before being transferred to inventory. In structure bombings, this grid may extend to the outside of the target room/area and encompass adjoining rooms and even outside of the structure itself. 6 Documenting IED Improvised Explosive Device A report with a detailed narrative is mandatory. Anti-Personnel IED IED A blast-incendiary effect explosive device, a pipe bomb, and a camp stove metal container with propane fuel. IED The fragmented remains of detonators recovered following their detonation. Note that not only the wire remains, but the crimp, closure plug and some internal components. IED The fragmented remains of a plastic pipe that contained 8 ounces of dynamite. 7 IED Fragmented propane cylinder that was not used as a container for an explosive charge. Based upon it being bent inward, the explosive forces originated from outside the cylinder. IED Batteries: one in the original condition, one whose fragmented components were recovered following use in an IED, and a disassembled battery exhibiting some of the typical 1.5-V battery components. IED IED Fragmented plastic container that contained 4 ounces of emulsion explosives. Note the different colors of plastic that were recovered and that helped establish an association with an intact container. IED Black plastic battery holders, one in original condition and one whose fragmented components were recovered following use in an IED. It is sometimes difficult to determine the origin of the black plastic as other t...
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