Vehicle a hole through the floorboard of a vehicle

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Unformatted text preview: he floorboard of a vehicle caused by the detonation of an explosive outside the vehicle. Notice how the floorboard metal has been pushed to the inside of the vehicle, indicating that the explosive was outside, rather than inside, the vehicle. Dynamite Exuding Nitroglycerin 3 ANFO TNT - Trinitrotoluene Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil – High Explosive C-4 - cyclotrimethylene trinitramine) 1.34 times as explosive as TNT Many Types of Det Cord Det Cord Burns at 22,000 feet per second (4 miles per second). Cutting down trees with Det Cord Det Cord = Detination Cord It is a high-speed fuse which explodes, rather than burns 4 Non Electric Detonator w/Safety Fuse A detonator, commonly called a blasting cap, is a cylindrical shell, usually of metal, containing explosives of high strength with low sensitivity, which are used to initiate other explosives. What to Look For . . . A crater or epicenter is often formed by an explosion. Photo Imaging the Scene A distant photograph orients the viewer to the location within the scene of importance. What to Look For . . . External and internal perimeters, the crime scene investigation command post, and an entry and exit path should be established prior to starting the scene investigation. The internal perimeter is established at half the distance from the epicenter of the explosion to the last piece of evidence. What to Look For . . . Sometimes the crater is very easy to identify as in this table in the center of a room. Note the fragmented wood debris from the table throughout the target area as well as possible components of the explosive device. Photo Imaging the Scene The midrange photograph shows additional detail. 5 Photo Imaging the Scene The close-up depicts the crater of the explosion. Photo Imaging the Scene Photographs of evidence should be taken with and without use of a scale. Documenting A field sketch of a bomb scene is a rough sketch made at the scene, which will be redrawn later into a more finished diagram. Photo Imaging the Scene Overall scene photographs sho...
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