2 ghz fastest processor designed in any university 3

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Unformatted text preview: .2 GHz (fastest processor designed in any university) 3 accelerators + 3 shared memories New on-chip networks Processors choose own supply voltage and clock freq. Apps: JPEG, Wi-Fi TX & RX, H.264 video encoder, ultrasound Tools: compiler, mapping, simulators Undergrad research opportunities Intel 4004, 1971 2300 transistors AsAP2, 2007 2300 processors (19.8mm x 19.8mm) Motion Est. Mem Mem Mem Vit. FFT 14 7 Test Setup • 304‐ball BGA package • 12 layer printed‐circuit daughter‐board – 360 components – 50Ω controlled impedance traces Test Setup • FPGA board bridges between linux box and AsAP2 daughter board • High‐speed analog pads • Automated test environment 8 VLSI Computation Lab Outline • Introduction • What is inside a digital processor? • Building things – Transistors – Building simple things with them – Building bigger things • How chips are built • Building Processors • Questions about engineering, college, grad school, jobs, anything! 9 What Is A Processor? • Something that processes! input output Processor Example applications: – – – – Microwave oven controller CD or DVD player Hearing aid Personal computer – – – – Digital watch Cell phone Radar for an airplane Wireless network processor What Is Inside One? • Three main components – Memory output input Memory 10 What Is Inside One? • Three main components – Memory – Datapath output input Memory Datapath What Is Inside One? • Three main components – Memory – Datapath – Control output input Memory Control Datapath 11 Memory • Stores information • Examples – Temporary chip memory output input Memory • “256 MB RAM” – Permanent chip memory Control • “Flash non‐volatile memory” Datapath – Hard disk • “80 GB disk” Datapath • Processes information • Example tasks – – – – Add Multiply Move Compare output input Memory Control Datapath 12 Control • Runs the show • Examples – Software • Word, Excel • Large database output input Memory – Hardware (best for simpler, fixed, high‐ speed tasks) • MP3 player • Signal processing Control Datapath Simple Blocks Working Together Example #1 • Auto cruise control – Watch car’s speed (input) – Compare with set speed (datapath, compare) – If adjustment is needed, add or subtract (datapath) from setting and send update to gas pedal (output) Memory Control Datapath 13 Sim...
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