Adolf wagner the party representative at the

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Unformatted text preview: ions and laws against Jews were not having the immediate and complete effect they were promised. In particular they wanted to: ● Stop relationships between Aryans and Jews ● Stop the adulteration of Aryan blood with foreign types and races ● Maintain citizenship and rights of residency for Germans and Aryans only. ● A conference of ministers was held on August 20, 1935, to discuss the economic effects of Party actions against Jews. ● Adolf Wagner, the Party representative at the conference, argued that such actions would cease, once the Government decided on a firm policy against the Jews. ● Dr. Schacht, the Economics Minister, criticized arbitrary behavior by Party members as this inhibited his policy of rebuilding Germany's economy. ● It made no economic sense since Jews had certain entrepreneurial skills that could be usefully employed to further his policies. ● Schacht made no moral condemnation of Jewish policy and advocated the passing of legislation to clarify the situation. ● The following month two measures were hastily improvised and announced at the annual Party Rally in Nuremberg, becoming known as the Nuremberg Laws. Law for th...
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